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If you decide to use a trellis, set it up prior to planting your gourds, and then stake the plants to it over time. Large, heavy varieties (like bottle gourds) will require a combination wood and heavy wire trellis in order to support them without falling over. Small gourd varieties can be grown using a large tomato cage as the trellis.
Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) is an annual, vigorous, climbing vine with large leaves and white flowers. Bottle gourds come in various shapes and sizes.
29 Jul 2015
19 Jan 2017
2 Jun 2014 When to Plant: Bottle gourd is a summer growing vegetable. Raise the seedlings in a 4 inch pot indoors (growing vegetables from seeds) or in a hot frosts free place (temperature at least 20 deg C) in ground by sowing 2 seeds, half inch deep. Keep the pot moist.
Growing dudi (bottle gourd). Lagenaria siceraria. The plant. Dudi or bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) is one of the oldest cultivated crops, having been used by humans for over. 14,000 years and has been transported to every part of the tropics in this time. It is a vigorous trailing or climbing vine with white flowers.
1 Nov 2012 The bottle gourd is an annual plant that grows on vines. It has large leaves and it looks very lush as it grows. The plant grows quite quickly and may show flowers only two months after it's planted. The vines will grow on trellis and the leaves cаn be up to 15 inches wide. it's estimated that the bottle gourd

Soil and its Preparation in Bottle gourd farming:- Bottle gourd can be grown in wide range of soils. But it thrives well in sandy loam soils. The land or main field should be prepared thoroughly by six to seven ploughings and pH range in soil should be from 6.5 to 7.5 in bottle gourd cultivation. This vegetable requires good
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